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This means that when you load a web page with Browsers, it is saved on your computer so that if you later decide to open the same page again, it will open a lot faster. Also it is used to speed up loading of frequently visited websites by simply storing in your pc and then retrieve it from there only rather than to download again especially images on the webpages
Updated to include information on Service Pack 2 (SP2), this compact guide is the ultimate resource for IT professionals and Windows XP power users everywhere. And, of course, this greatly expanded second edition also includes all the need-to-know details about the security technologies featured in SP 2, so you can better defend yourself against viruses, worms, and hackers

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At least then you would know for sure where they are going!! LOL I’m not sure it this will have any affect, but download and run CCleaner and have it clean the TIF files. no matter which way you clean them they are gone and if you do not they are there and they are just like a bottle in this case full and no more will go in there

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I could then copy the file from the cache and rename the extention to its respective one (.wma or .mp3) and it works! Thank you once again for your persistent help. Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build
This speeds up the display of pages you frequently visit or have already seen, because Internet Explorer can open them from your hard disk instead of from the Internet

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(Office toolbar is easy to save) ? I’d like to “synchronize” the settings between two machines (copy the settings easily from one machine to the others when I change them). Are they stored in an special file, in the registry ? I’d like to avoid the wizard that tranfers settings from one machine from the other since it copies many informations that I don’t want to copy, e.g
If you visit the website again, then this time your browser loads the pages from the Temporary Internet Files folder, which will be faster than loading the website from the Internet

Delete Temporary Internet Files (clear cache)
How do I delete Temporary Internet Files (clear cache)? Instructions are provided for deleting temporary Internet Files (clearing cache) through Windows Control Panel, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, AOL and Netscape
But if you really want to clear your system of junk files, why not run Disk Cleanup (it erases the temporary internet files as well as other nonessential data). Computer users that have set iGoogle as their homepage took the time to customize it; they selected the gadgets they want to see, they selected the Manage Update Settings in Adobe Reader By George Norman on 21 Dec 2009 Adobe Reader lets you customize the way the software updates itself

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Certain online media files (such as embedded Flash movies) are not easily accessed directly through Internet Explorer, but are automatically saved into the cache after viewing them. The next time the user visits the cached website, only changed content needs to be downloaded from the Internet; the unchanged data is available in the cache
Are temporary internet files and temporary files on the disk clean up the same thing No temporary internet files are temp files, cashed to your hard drive so that you can easily load the page faster
Later on in the booklet I am going to describe the two browsers Mozilla and Mozilla FireFox, which also have settings for, which folder the cache is to be stored in and how much space it ought to take up. The registry editor will display a collection of keys called Shell folders in the left window: In the window on the right you can see the keys that control the localization of a great number of Windows’ system folders: Figure 77

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Anybody got any hints? I found a thread on this board, that showed a guy that typed this into his address bar, and he said that he found the Content.IE5 folders. Correct? Based on that being correct: Which browser were you using at the time? I would have guessed it was IE as Firefox doesn’t use these stupid naming conventions

How To: Delete the Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files
Do not use the Administrator account for general purposes!It’s better to create an account for yourself rather than risking corrupting the Administrator account. This removes the junk files such as downloaded files, zero byte files created by Outlook Express and many other hidden files that reside in your cache.Note: the hidden desktop.ini actually controls what is viewed in the cache folders

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All podcast are saved in the podcast folder in your profile folder (you don’t have it now, but it will be added as soon as you install the Zune software). I tried deleting all the files from within IE then loading up my podcast page and it appears already downloaded indicating that the file is being saved somewhere else but I can find where

Managing Temporary Internet Files in IE in Windows xp
The next time you access the same page in Microsoft windows xp, Internet Explorer can load the page from the local cache rather than having to connect to the Web server and download it again

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Deleting your temporary Internet files or clearing out your browser cache may help to speed up your browser if it is running slow or taking a long time to pull up websites. Join The Community – collapse Things to Do Write an Article Edit this Article Request a New Article Answer a RequestLogin for more! + expand Places to Visit ForumsCommunity Portal Follow Us On..

How to remove junk files and temporary internet files in Windows XP and Windows 7.
Web browser a software application used to locate, retrieve and also display content on the World Wide Web, including Web pages, images, video and other files. To help Windows flow smoothly these temporary files needed to be deleted on a regular basis, to make room for newer version of files stored in webpages

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The report from Microsoft is that Word 2010 has changed how copy and paste works and how they handle OLE objects which in turn causes issues with copy and pasting attachments. Using this method does not require you to change the hidden files and folder setting.Find or move SecureTemp using the registryThe location of the Securetemp is stored in the registry and you can change the path to point to a new location (which is easier to access and clear), but be sure the new folder exists before changing it in the registry
After the files have been deleted you are able to save this process as a shortcut on your desktop so that all you need to do is double-click on the icon to repeat the search. Windows Update files (Optional) If you upgraded your version of Windows (without reformatting), or Internet Explorer, eg from Windows ME to Win XP or Internet Explorer 5.5 to 6.0 you will find a number of folders and files in your Windows Temp folder

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Solution to this problem should be such that i dont have to save the attachment everytime i want to forward,i just click on forward button and it delivers. You can then use this shortcut address by using it as the target in a desktop shortcut which can then be added to a shortcut bar or the Quick Launch toolbar for instant access
It took over an hour to find the information online that told me where I could find the file, and I went through a lot of frustrated agony in the meantime. Having it is a safeguard against losing an attachment again and either being offline or forgetting where this blog is when trying to find your attachment, as well as a tip in exchange for getting the above information
Inside that folder you’ll find one folder for extensions and another one for firefox, the latter contains the profile folder, which in turn contais a folder with a random name, the cache files are in there. But with the latest versions, I am able to find only some folders with random numbers inside Cache folder, I am not able to find the actual downloaded file
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