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Story part:ash and freinds went to Crown city to whatch the baccer cup when the 3 ledgendaries Eintei,Raikou and Suicune attack the city.But the real bad guy was kodai. Like I said before Red is Infered, blue is game sync and yellow is go to the entra link after you press yellow go across a bridge to another entra link
Found by going through Route 17, onto Route 18, and then surfing in the northeast corner of the island there across the currents until you reach the lab. Given to you by Plasma Sage Asura after passing through the hidden basement of the Dreamyard, found where the orange traffic cone once was before beating the Elite Four

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Talk to the blue haired dude inside and he’ll give you HM04 (Strength), which is a Physical-based Normal-type 80-power move that isn’t a terrible HM, but since you can’t get rid of it right away, I would avoid teaching it to any of your Pokemon just yet

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Remember that you cannot use a HM move until you have beaten the corresponding gym for it, so don’t bother trying to go through the cave until you have your first badge. Between Bidoof and Starly, you should be able to make it through the first half of the game without any HM related problems as Bidoof can learn Rock Smash and Cut while Starly can learn Fly and De Fog
They are both move’s that you teach to your Pokemon, in the olden days TM’s once used would go away, now they stay and you can use them as long as you like. You could have every Pokemon who can learn a type of HM have a separate list for those moves, and just replace the current attack versions with new ones
If you play the game on the birthday you have set in your DS system’s settings, when you talk to the nurse at a pokemon center she’ll ask if it is yoour birthday. Edit Delete Fossils After you have obtained the National Dex, go to Twist Mountain and in one of the openings in the bottom will have a worker who will give you one fossil a day

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You have to arrive at Route 13 (after stocking up of course), go up the steps and follow the beach, staying as far right as possible (but do NOT turn at the end of the second set of steps to go down the very narrow alleyway of sand as this will lead you back to the start of Route 13). Join The Community – collapse Things to Do Write an Article Edit this Article Request a New Article Answer a RequestLogin for more! + expand Places to Visit ForumsCommunity Portal Follow Us On..

Finding HM 04 Strength – Pokemon White hints and tips on Nintendo DS (DS)
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With a personal gallery that’s filled to the brim with exremely detailed emoticons and informative tutorials, Karen has developed an reputation with many deviants for being somewhat of a legendary emoticon artist. the thought of a trainer, I knew I would be revered, I was an Arceus after all, and people loved me.How wrong I was.I stood in waiting in the Hall of Origin, when the boy arrived, surprise had overtaken him as he stared up at me for a moment, he then grinned and sent out a pokemon, a Rhydon.The Rhydon looked up at me momentarily, and suddenly the battle was over- somehow this boy had defeated me, he threw the masterball, and I was caught.I was healed, then let out of my pokeball
Upstairs, she will introduce herself and present HM01 Cut! This HM will allow you to cut small trees outside of battle, revealing passages to new areas. The hint from the locomotive book tells us that the next one is close to the entrance, so let’s take a look at the one bookshelf we didn’t check out over there
Outside of battle, Dive is used to dive into dark patches of water while surfing Type: Water PP: 10 Location: Undella Town after Pokemon League (From Rival) Last edited by Ksquall1; 02-04-2013 at 12:30 AM. Type: Bug PP: 15 Location: Route 7 — TM 82 – Dragon Tail Dragon Tail is an attack that damages the target and forces another Pokemon to fight in its place
TM TM02 Dragon Claw Victory Road Up on a ledge, right of the man in the end of Victory Road TM05 Roar Route 10 Past a Hiker and Veteran, near end of route, go west and then south across the bridge

Usually I would have 3 Pokemon for hm moves but theres a way you can have only 2 if you have pelliper he can learn fly surf defog surf on route 230 for him. good team but you shouldve waited to evolved mismagius i didnt till my misdreavus was a lv 55 and then i evolved it but i like it better as a misdreavus the raeson u ..

Where is HM strength in Pokemon white version
Which starter should you pick in Pokemon black and white? Brent It really depends on your preference and what other Pokemon you’ve planned for your team…. Once you’ve gone up there will be another street on your left, turn there and go to the final house right next to the water and light post.In the house there will be two people sitting at a long table, and then a blue haired Ace Trainer sitting in the back
As it turned out, the player whose number was drawn ended up winning the first two grand final battles, so no third deciding match was required and he was declared the junior division champion. These side battles did rely on honesty as they were not supervised by the host once they commenced, however all players appeared to display good sportsmanship with no disputes, and shaking hands and congratulating each other after battles
17 days ago What legendary pokemon can you catch in pokemon blue version? You can catch the Legendary Pokemon Articuno on Seafoam Islands, Zapdos at the Power Plant,… 3 days ago What is step 6 to cloning Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald? Say open level then put your Pokemon in, but don’t choose the Pokemon you wish to clone
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The Swift Wing raises a Pokemon’s Speed EVs Audino Grinding Wild Audino can be found in shaking spots in the grass throughout Unova on both Black and White. This can be used as a method of identifying a probable IV value in a given stat, but is best combined with other methods of checking IVs, such as the IV judge and the Hidden Power man
When a faster Pokemon uses Pursuit against a Pokemon who uses this move, the latter is hit for normal damage; when a slower Pokemon uses Pursuit against a move who uses this move, the latter makes its attack, then is hit by Pursuit for double power, and switches out. If the replacement Pokemon knows this move and is holding Choice Band, Choice Lens or Choice Scarf, it will be locked into the move, though Pokemon holding those items who don’t know the move can select their attack as normal
This will add all those Pokemon into your Pokedex, and you will be able to use them in your game — although they will most likely not listen to you until you get Misty’s badge. Because 1 EXP is gained for every step, after walking around for at least an hour battling wild Pokemon it will grow a substantial amount, taking one Pokemon off your training list, and making your job a bit easier

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I also have to mention the best fly user in the game: Golurk Is there anything cooler than flying around on a golem at Mach speeds (according to Black’s pokedex)? He has a base attack of 124 (Max of 381 at Level 100)