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Wanting to level up my One-Handed Weapons and Pickpocketing, I took the time to creep up to each enemy, steal everything in their pockets, and cut their throats. The items are located in the categories that I see fitting, currently I know of no good way of making new categories, it seems like it’s what you call hardcoded into the game
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(check the “uninstall” list to see what the textures need to be called to be active) If the file is no longer named properly, the “texture path” will be broken, and the game will return to using the textures packaged in “textures.bsa” The folder “f” has all of the female armor, “m” has all of the male armor
is there any hint or clue how can I perform it succesfully each time i do it? Reply Luther says: December 14, 2011 at 3:39 pm It should work fine, make sure the armour you equip each time is not exactly the same. i cant find him anywhere Reply neil says: March 10, 2012 at 9:17 pm after searching for my follower, i went back to riverwood and i found him there jus wandering around

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It was originally stated that the Ebony Mails shrouded effect was only visual FX, but after further investigation has proven to be a functional part of the armor. This armor will replace the nearly worthless Dark Brotherhood chest piece quite well and give you some MEGA synergy in completing your assassination jobs by allowing easier break-in and escape of the targets home or vicinity

Skyrim – Modded Save Pack (no longer taking requests) – Page 2 – XboxMB – Xbox Message Boards
All I really need are: -UNLEARN all the perks under the ‘Block’ skill tree -Level my character to Lvl 150 OR -Level all skills up to 100 (which will hopefully automatically level up the character too) Hope that’s simple enough. Thanks a lot bro!! Edit: The command for editing speed is player.setav speedmult Set movement speed; 100 is default, raise the number to increase your movement speed

SKYRIM MEGAMOD PACK 7: 144 More mods! Finally a FF7 Buster Sword (download torrent) – TPB
How about giving credit to the authors of the mods, or telling people where the mods came from and that they can go to the Nexus and actually input what they want, and get the up to date versions. I did some gathering and bring you 144 more weapons, armor, utilities, and texture packs!! Pack 8 coming soon! So SEEEEEED!! :) I will be releasing add-on packs as more mods come out
Griiack Ellave said on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 10:52 am: I need help Im on the dawnguard quest (prophet) and the part where you have to free the moth priest, take down the magical barrier and then talk to him. blackcat said on Monday, April 29, 2013 at 2:04 am: When will we be alowed to marry serana u can ask her about marrage but cant marry her evan after convincing her to become human again u cam marry any other followers y not her
Me, personally I find it much more fun to run around naked (nearly) and attempting to assassinate people by throwing objects at them using the telekinesis alteration spell. Most of it has no defense points but why do you need defense points if you are sneaking? But when it comes to fighting dragons, I use full ebony armor including the ebony mail
Jy On December 26, 2011 at 10:46 pm What do you need to make The DragonPlate armour? and what if you level to fast with getting the smithing up and you lose against everything you fight? my One-Handed is only 32 and im only using a Steel Sword(Fine) that does 16 damage AlexanderVII On December 26, 2011 at 11:07 pm Ok here is how you make the best gear. I think the bug may have been instigated while under a potion buff from restoration i unequiped and re-equiped some items with an alchemy perk and noticed that the next potion I could create was much higher, did this again a few times and it wasnt long before I was creating crazy potions.
Still thank you for intending to read till the last! *** Attention! *** All the separate parts are products for CBBEv3M Body! With CBBEv3 and other figures, clipping happens, and there are the parts which are not correct of the size
Iron armor hit s a soft spot because that’s how the dragonborn is illustrated through out the whole marketing campaign! Sorry, but Dragon bone armor SUCKS

Best armor and possibly weapon, what now? –
I won’t feel as excited anymore knowing I have the best armor and weapon so might as well just start going for the trophies! I have played for good 30 hours now without worrying about trophies that much so I guess it’s time I being my real trophy hunt for Skyrim since looting has become pointless for me now. I’ve only done the 3 missable daedric quests so far, so maybe they are a lot in those? Or is strictly based of your level when they start to appear? I’m almost 50 atm
When I discovered this thing existed, I knew I had to try this build.Illusion Dual Casting is a necessity for this build, as it more than doubles the highest level targets for your illusions. My brother goes with Frost, but I recon any of the 3 will be great)- Juggernaut- RecoveryWeapons :The best thing is that you can choose how to approach each battle individually

Skyrim Atronach Forge Guide — Daedric Weapons, Armor, Staves, Spell Tomes, Scrolls And Summoned Creatures –
GUIDE: Skyrim Alchemy Guide — The Potions, Poisons And Ingredients Of The Elder Scrolls 5 The Atronach Forge is where you’ll be able to make Daedric armor, weapons and hearts. Fire Atronach 1 Ruby 1 Fire Salts Frost Atronach 1 Sapphire 1 Frost Salts Storm Atronach 1 Amethyst 1 Void Salts Dremora Valkynaz Sigil Stone 1 Skull 1 Daedra Heart 1 Leg of Goat Random unbound Dremora Sigil Stone 1 Skull 1 Daedra Heart 2 Uncooked raw meat (this meat can be from any animal in the game.) I hope this helps you turn your boring, old objects into magical items from beyond Oblivion

Crafting with the Atronach Forge in Skyrim – The Shadowed Mare
You need to talk to Phinis Gestor in the college of winterhold, with at least a conjuration skill of 90, and he will start a mission for you to get a sigil stone
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I spent some time at an Orc stronghold, getting in touch with my roots, mining a pile of ore, and smithing an entire set of Orcish armor (epic) as well as some Orcish swords for dual-wielding (also epic).I’m one of the rare people who don’t really like the Daedric armor too much — I call it Evil Porcupine Armor due to the excessive amount of spiky thingies on it. I like to show-off the goods.OMG I was going to suggest the ancient nord armor for you, but I just looked at pics of female forsworn and you are right – HOT..
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Upon successful completion of the quest and the donning of the Ebony Mail, the armor will take on both offensive and defensive qualities, adding a shroud and muffle effect on top of poison damage

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