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Cracked IPA Files You can check out my post here on how to install Cracked .ipa file to iPhone How To Install Cracked .IPA file To iPhone OS 3.0 SwirlyMMS V2 … How to Install TetherMe 2.1-1 .deb File For Free TetherMe has been updated to 1.3-12 version which is cracked .deb file and only compatible with iPhone jailbroken
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Transfer Music From iPhone to Computer
After this experience, I just love my HTC Desire HD Android even more! Jeff Charles, Put down that Android for a second and read the above comments concerning Sharepod. I could just sync my iPhone before leaving and load it up with music but if something wrong happened (ie if I had to restore), I would lose all my music, which is why I think it is wise to move the music I want to my netbook

iphone applications: iFunBox – The No. 1 iPhone Application
Arrange your wallpapers or even use your iPhone as a external hard disk! UPDATE: WORKS ON IPOD TOUCH TOO! This is Windows Vista and Windows XP compatible
Ok basically all i did was get this software called iphone explorer which is free and it lets you look into your iphone and delete things you dont need. Similar links Transfer iPhone Files Without iTunes (No Jailbreak)Palm Asking For Trouble With Pre iTunes Sync?iTunes 11 Update Restores Duplicate Item SearchHow to fix not enough disk space error on iPhone?Where is cover flow in iTunes 11? Loading..
What I didn’t know was that Siriport was a pirated version of the official Siri (there’s a lengthy article on the specifics behind Siriport’s architecture and how it works, but that’s beyond the scope of this post). Why You Should Save Up for Expensive Guitars Some of you know me as the advocate for cheaper alternatives to the big guitar brands (Fender, Gibson, etc)

The Best Desktop File Explorer for iPhone (And All the Cool Things You Can Do with It)
The ability to preview images as your wallpaper and back up apps as .ipa files is just icing on the cake, and being able to use your iPhone as a makeshift flash drive is just plain useful. It doesn’t have all the handy shortcuts that i-FunBox does, and its focus seems to be a little more on the pro version of the app, which lets you do things like transfer contacts, notes, voice memos, and SMS messages to your computer

Free iPod Music Transfer – How to Backup iPod Music to Computer
Windows System Solution Have you thought that you could get music file from iPod to PC with your Windows system? You may also notice that Windows system can actually treat iPod as a removable drive, and you can just go in and copy the files off from where they have been stored. That means, besides backing up your iPod music, you can also convert iPod music into formats that fit your smart phone, tablets and other PMPs, convert and import music on your computer iPod supported formats

iFunBox – The easiest, free desktop manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod
While the 91 iPhone PC Suite does have more features, this is very simple and portable to use, just like the Cyder desktop application for Cydia application. If you are looking for something which offers both ease-of-use and raw power to control and command your iDevice, free Windows and MAC utility “iFunBox” is for you
Is it possible to put songs in with iFunBox??? Ive looked all over the net for the answer to this, but can’t find anything, surely its possible? thanks for any help, ginnz. Please Login if you are already a member or CLICK HERE to register! Threads New Threads Today’s Threads Unanswered Threads Posts New Posts Today’s Posts Find All Your Thanked Posts Find All Posts You Have Thanked Find All Thanked Posts View Your Posts or Threads View All Threads Started By You View All Your Posts Go to Page..
If you find a song you like, you just click that save song button and it automatically switches to the pandora downloader app and starts downloading the song. It can export all the songs from your iDevice, including .m4a files, but can only import .mp3 files….I don’t think that is too much of a problem, but it would be nice if it could do both

iFunBox Free Download
Using its export and import features, you can copy music, videos, photos and ringtones to their default locations in a few simple steps.The file manager even has a built-in app finder that keeps you up-to-date with the latest app price drops or giveaways and allows you to search for specific products.In conclusion, iFunbox is easy to use, efficient, well designed and put together which is exactly how a good file manager should be. The application performs this task very fast, whether you choose the classic copy and paste approach or the simple drag and drop function to move your files from one place to another.iFunbox also enables you to install apps from .ipa packages without the need to jailbreak your device and allows you to access the files and resources in the App Sandbox

HOW TO TRANSFER MUSIC FROM MY LAPTOP TO MY IPHONE 3GS – How to transfer music from computer to ipod using ifunbox 2013 :: Ask Me Fast
this phone is synced to another pc i no longer use?Transfer music to iphone from ifunboxHow do i download music (i`m old), to my galaxy ace, i have itunes on my laptop but i don`t think i can transfer music to the phone from there, can i?How to transfer music from itunes to my imprint cell phone iphone?Ifun free download 3gs for transferring musicHow can i copy music and videos to my iphone a1303 from my laptop there is any software to download inorder to copy songs from my laptop to my iphoneI am trying to transfer music from my itunes to my phone. when i connect my phone to the player, it will only pick up …Ifunbox how to transfer mp3How do i transfer songs from my computer to my sony ericsson xperia phone, so i can listen to any music?Why can`t i transfer my music from my iphone 4 to my iphone 5 via itunes?Ifunbox move musicSongs in my itunes music library have an exclamation sign
HelpMePLEASE on December 3rd, 2011 02:54 nvmd i found it easyest to delete the whole itunes control folder, restart springboard, then resync all my songs back Pradeep on December 10th, 2011 20:24 Today I bought Ipod 4G. Jonathan on December 17th, 2011 13:40 PEOPLE I DID THE COPYTRANS MANAGER (FREE)STEPS AND IT WORKED GREAT JUST DOWNLOAD IT, INSTALL IT, CONNECT YOUR APPLE DEVICE, DELETE ONE (1) SONG (YOU CAN COPY IT AGAIN TO iTUNES LATER), SAVE THE CHANGES (SYNC), EJECT (THIS STEP IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT), CLOSE COPYTRANS MANAGRE (FREE), OPEN iTUNES AND THATS IT, YOUR iDEVICE WILL BE FULLY WORKING WITHOUT THE NEED OF RESTORING IT!!! Luke on December 17th, 2011 18:39 After I did this I had to restore my ipod

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iFunbox Tutorial – How to Export Songs from iPhone with iFunbox
Click iPod Music icon, set the output folder and click Save to export iPhone music Shortcomings Even though iFunbox is the top-notch iPhone file browser software, for the iPhone music transferring part, it gets a huge potential to improve: 1
If you ever get to the point where you have used up all 5 authorizations, you can clear all of them and then just re-authorize your current set of computers. Do you still have access to your old machine? Another alternative is to copy the itunes media folder onto an external HDD and then just put them in the new itunes folder on your new machine
Has anybody got any suggestions for anything I could do to get it to work? Or has anybody tried the program successfully in Windows 7 Professional 64bit? I’ve emailed the iTunes Friend google group regarding this isuue, but I thought it was worth asking here too. Our members know the true meaning of sharing and have created a truly global bittorent community! Our site has the most up to date information on all private trackers and our members will guide you and introduce you to this truly secretive and enlightened club
Woe is your fate to have these photos be trapped on these disparate devices! But lo, there are ways to free them from their digital prisons through many different processes. Regular readers will recall i-FunBox from an earlier How To article on transferring app save files, which is worth a read for the basics on what the app is and what it does
Backup iPod: This backs up every single music file on your iPhone including voice memos Also, unlike the first method, you get the MP3 files named just the way they should be and organized. You can add me on Facebook, follow my updates on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google+! You can as well grab my feed and get updates through email
:) I’ve always said that iTunes is like an airplane – it’s fine as long as you leave it on auto pilot, but if you wish to assume manual control, you better know EXACTLY what you’re doing, or else you’re going to run it into the ground. But it gets a little annoying though when in the future I attempt to put a song on an apple device again, and then Itunes just complains it can’t do anything because the file could not be found
(our post on Alternative Repo for AppSync) Deb File + iFile Perhaps, the simplest method is to get a .deb file and use iFile to install apps to your iPhone directly. Search Recent Posts iPhone As A Remote: 20 Things You Can Control Remotely with iPhone How to Install IPA Files on Your iPhone without Installous or iTunes How to Update Cracked Apps in Installous on Your iPhone Mophie Juice Pack: Keep Your iPhone Going For Days Archives January 2013 December 2012 October 2012 Categories Accessories iPhone Jailbreak Meta Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Blog at

i-FunBox is a great way to manage and Sync iPhone Content on Your PC
Check out Few of our Interesting Stories Useful and Helpful Tips for iPad Mini Users iPhone 5 Review with Pros and Cons iPad Mini Review Bring Social Networking in your Browser with Rocket melt So, download the i-FunBox now by performing a search on google and let us know how do you Feel it. i-Funbox is a great software program for that you can used as an iTunes alternative and it will let you do everything from saving contacts, managing music, videos, backup, images, installing apps and more
However, downloading a song on iPhone is really tough job, but we have found a tutorial by which you can easily download Mp3 file and transfer it Music library on iPhone without iTunes